Sunday, March 22, 2015

a different look

This is pretty graphic, I usually have a bit more romanticism, but I like the look of this page, and the stripes fit me at least...

I have a number of pieces of wooden type in a variety of fonts.  I buy them off of EBay every now and then when I see odd things.  I have always liked this A and am trying to use some of the type and to incorporate words generally, though not as meaningful things, just as graphics.. I am still playing with how you do that.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

So I set it on fire....

But now I don't like that light colored stripe in the bottom part of the page, so that may well either take a hike or change color.

I am playing with stripes as a continuing theme in the journal #3.  I like the idea and I was given a huge assortment of wallpaper samples a while ago and there are ever so many striped wallpapers that I like.  Not so much that light one, but more about that tomorrow...

Today, I set the hole on fire and burned up the page and it was fun.  I think I need to have loose water around, but it was interesting to do something that was totally not controlled.  I of course want to control it.. We'll see...

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

and playing a bit with other ideas

I have never burned pages, but for a very long time I have been following the blog of Susan Bowers who does, among other things, a lot of burning of pages and words in her book creations.  I was looking at this page that I had written on and just decided to light it up a little.  I think I may repeat the dark spot in the center til it burns through....

Susan makes books also in a continuing shared book creation process with  Fiona Dempster who does some pretty amazing calligraphic thoughtful books and also burns. I just LOVE seeing what they do with their books.  They describe a set of "rules" and then they go off and each make a book.  The rules change every time and the degree of collaboration does too. I love reading about artist's processes and both of these artists are good at sharing what is going on.

So this is a tiny step into burning.  I will play some more and maybe I will get brave and make another hole... who knows!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

still playing with Image Transfers

This is another full page image transfer using gel medium.  I took this photo at the Met when they were showing  Cambodian Rattan: The Sculptures of Sopheap Pich.  It was a lovely show and the shadows cast by the artworks on the walls were also fascinating.

The chop at the bottom of the page is one I have had for a long time and I have no idea what it says.  Anyone out there who has a clue can feel free to play in on this.  It has a monkey on the top of the chop, so that may be it.

This page may be done.  I am however playing with using a connecting theme on the pages of this journal.... we shall see..

Sunday, March 15, 2015

For some reason, the cover got done early in Journal #3.  I have had this photo for years, since I lived in Atlanta, when I saw these by the side of the road.  I was trying Gel Medium Transfers, and these just really worked well, and the next thing I knew I had done them on top of the silver shoe polish that I had put on the cover. The image seems to be on there to stay, and the funkiness of the edges really is perfect for me.  I loved that edge when I could get it in my Polaroid transfers and I love it in transfers too.  SO, though I don't have any pages that feel done yet, it does have a front cover.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Leftover Pages Journal Number 3

I always have a love/hate relationship with new journals, so I'm going to make this one a "project".  I'm not going to try to finish in any sort of spectacular time or fashion, but I am going to document it more completely than the last two I have worked through.

One thing I regretted in the last one was not having pictures of the pages when I started.  Often the entire existing image is gone and I forget what it all looked like to start.

This time I took a complete inventory of the pages, but I am not going to post them one by one because my poor reader would die of boredom.  Instead I used the wonderful Picasa, without which I would never ever find anything,  to make a collage... actually 2 collages ... of all the pages.  SO, before I started, here it is:

This is the first half of the book

and this is the second. 

One thing I did somewhere along the line which I now regret is that I waxed the covers with silver wax.  Oh well... we shall see how it goes.  I numbered each spread, as you can see if you biggen the pictures, and I can refer back to them since I have never even considered working in order through these books.

There are still a couple of pages in Book Number 2 that I want to document, so they will pop up at some point, but at least now I have a frame of reference for Book Number 3

Months of being trapped in the house by freezing cold will make you get organized or go crazy or both.. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

The end of Book 2...

I was going through older magazines the other night and tossing the ones that I will never use, tearing out single articles and generally doing a bit of streamlining.  I don't generally read Art Journaling, as I seem to go my own way and I am not a big sharer of pages full of writing about my internal thoughts and workings, and that is the trend now it seems.

I bought this issue, Autumn 2012, because of an article about Lynne Perrella,  I generally like her work, she has a style of her own and uses photos in ways I like.  In any case, she was quoted as saying that she worked on a page off and on until she thought it was done.  Each page should be finished, not a rough draft.  I like that ethic.

I have declared Book 2 done, much as I finally did with Book 1.  There is nothing more that I want to do to the pages, and I have not given up on any of them.  I kept at it until the page felt "right" to me.  Having only about 24 page spreads in the book let me get to that place and I am REALLY happy with having learned that.  Nothing was more annoying to me than having a collection of "journals" with 5 to 10 pages done and a huge number of blank pages sitting around but I never feel right picking them up and starting again! Maybe now I will unbind them and go smaller.  Binding these things into smaller collections is like being born again!!!

The other thing that I am learning in this process is to let a page just sit, not to force myself to stick on a page until it is done but to let some pages rest until I can see them with clearer eyes and then go after them again. That mind set has let me go back to a page many times until I felt I had solved it to the best of my ability. Some went through more iterations than I would have thought possible for a single page before getting somewhere.  For me "somewhere" is that I learned what I could and it looks finished and not overworked.

This particular page has been SO many things.  At one point it was totally covered by a map of New Mexico.. Don't even ASK what I was thinking because I don't know.  I peeled a lot of it off, left some, painted parts blue, etc etc etc.

Now it is this page:

I am learning about gel medium transfers as a different way to get my photos into the pages and I like the results.  This paper is heavily textured so the transfer is a bit sketchy, but I liked the overall effect and decided I was going to call it finished. (As an indication, this is the second time I tried the transfer.  The first time only the baby looked right so I took off the other people and gessoed over the place where they were and tried again.  The baby is from the first transfer, the other two are from attempt 2. This time Mom didn't do perfectly, but the problem is the texture in the paper and though a hammer might help I decided that it is ok as is without resorting to banging on pages!)  This page is opposite the transfer page, 

Yes, I have noticed my recent obsession with circles, this book is full of them, and I am not sure where that appeared from but there it is, and on a lot of pages I like them.  This one, not so sure.

This page was sitting there feeling not so great, and the black tape across the top with some bubbles across it did, for me, the trick of anchoring the page and breaking up that huge expanse of color with nothing else going on.....  

and the covers, front and back.

I haven't shown all the pages, but most of them, and it is time for me to move on.  My current thought is that when all 4 of these books are done I may bind them all back together as 4 folios of a single book.  This one was started in September of 2014, so I may have all 4 ready to go before the end of 2015.  I am trying to be more organized about the next one.  Let's see how that works out. I mean by that more organized in documenting what I have done.  I still can't/won't work by starting on page 1 and moving through the book.  I jump around based on what I want to work on. My word for the year was DO!  maybe it should have been ITERATE!